Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I had a lot of fun combining images shot during a transit tour of the proposed Botinneau Blvd. transit route with follow-up interviews from a representative of ACER, Wokie Freeman, as well as a PR representative, Yeamah Brewer, contracted by Hennepin County. While talking-head interviews can be a little dry, I tried to add a little visual interest by shooting them with the camera mounted on a track-dolly.

I chose the Bottineau Blvd. Park and Ride to shoot Wokie because it tied into the subject matter and I thought the physical structures would frame Wokie as she spoke. I think it worked pretty well! It was a cloudy day, so I didn't have to worry about harsh shadows. No external lighting was added, although I brought along a reflector just in case.

Yeamah Bewer was shot at an ACER event. We found a spot just off the main floor of an exhibition, but kept the activity behind her in view to keep things interesting. We used a telephoto lens to minimize the depth of field, keeping the background out of focus. Lighting Yeamah was done with two soft-boxes--one behind her and to camera left to provide some rim light to separate her from the background while adding some modeling to her face and highlights to her hair. We used another soft-box to the right of the camera as a key. There was enough daylight spill that we didn't feel the need for a fill light. We kept the lighting levels relatively balanced with the existing room light so that Yeamah would look natural. Audio was handled via lavalier mics recorded onto a Zoom H4n that was synched in post.