Monday, January 12, 2015

Keep it Moving

Motion can do a lot of things. One interesting thing it can do is "show" thinking. When a person is speaking, moving the camera just a little helps give a sense of an active mind. And it's a nice visual look as well.

This profile of John Heimbuch, a Perpich Arts High grad, incorporates a LOT of movement. Of course, the camera is moving during the interview, but I kept the camera moving throughout the piece.

For the establishment shot of the high school, I used a 12-foot jib. I like this shot a lot. I think it captures a lot of what you might want in an ideal jib shot: A sense of depth—there's distance conveyed between the sign and the building, motion tracking—the camera follows the students as they enter the school and a nice reveal—what does that sign say, anyway?

Schools can seem kind of static. Kids sitting in desks isn't that visually exciting. But Perpich Arts High IS exciting. I wanted to capture that excitement. Even if the students are physically static, they're super-engaged. The wheels are constantly turning in their heads.

The music was a hard choice. I sampled literally hundreds of songs before choosing Brandenberg Concerto No. 4 by Bach. It's complex and fast moving, which represents creativity. Yet at the same time, it's classic, so it's appropriate for a "serious" institution. Ultimately, it just "fit."