Monday, October 22, 2012

In Their Own Words

Sometimes the best thing to do is skip formal scripting and let the subject of your video tell their own story. That's what I did for this piece for the Perpich Foundation. After meeting with school and foundation staff, we came up with a set of questions that we felt would encourage the students to tell the story of the Perpich Arts High School. One question in particular that I thought was interesting was to ask about the school's culture. At most schools, I suspect the question would either evoke a blank stare or a diatribe about all the things the student didn't like about school. Not at Perpich.

While I'm proud of the production values, it's the students that really make this video work. You just can't script the confidence and passion they have for their school. Add some camera movement and an evocative musical score, and you've got a powerful video that can be used for fundraising, recruitment and a range of other uses. It was a fun video to make and a great school to support.